Silent killer aka hypertension

Yesterday I was completely out of commission, oh how I missed you guys! It honestly came out of nowhere. I called my pop on messenger video chat in search of ancestry clearity, you know just picking his brain about our blood line, past, lineage, history, etc etc. We don't talk on a daily basis at all, I really didn't even like the guy for the longest if I do say so myself, you know the typical dead beat stuff, the norm in the black community but eventually I dropped that anchor, no love lost. So we talked for hrs about the grandparents, the greats and the great greats. We got off the phone roughly 3hrs later and ,boom, my blood pressure shot up to 152/100 and it sucked. My sister said me and my pop like handcock, can't be in contact with each other too long 🙄 😒. Hypertension is so deeply rooted within my family history I can't think of a single family member on my mom side that doesn't have it. Any who, a Harvard study links discrimination and hypertension in African Americans the study found that higher stress from lifetime discrimination was associated with higher risk of hypertension. Here is a link for further information on how we can treat and manage hypertension or high blood pressure

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