"Medicine for a sick world"

"The art of peace is medicine for a sick world, we want to cure the world of the sickness of violence, mal content, and discord" (The art of peace)

  1. "Conflict between material and spiritual science create physical and mental exhaustion but when matter and spirit is harmonized all stress and fatigue dissapears. " (The art of peace)
Being engulfed in a blanket of negativity has become so exhausting, sickening, and honestly a complete waste of time. As a gullible and impressionable people we attract energy very easily and usually we are unaware, oblivious, and maybe even ignorant to this fact. We also emit energy, at times up to 2000 watts as told by Stanford Univeristy. That energy we emit also returns, hence, karma. We have to guard what we allow to come into contact with our own energies, rather it be through T.V, music, social media, or even relationships with others, remember we attract energy! On my quest for peace i began to understand how important seclusion can be. Without any outside influences and or disturbances you can be more selective of the energy you attract. This may alleviate that inner turbulence or at the least help you understand the cause of it.


    • Right on! Speak it and LIVE it! Your message is so important and inspiring, and the human race is awakeningto it.

    • @Tamika absolutely cuz…..We spend uncanny amounts of time fixing problems that we inflicted on ourselves

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    • All facts!! I agree… My peace is important!


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