Know who you are and dont run from it!

Realized alot of you dont know me personally and i dont intend on writing an autobiography right here and now but i do want to give you all a little backstory especially since its the fuel for not only this blog but for every aspect of my life. Cant Stop Wont Stop started as a saying then became a way of life for me. I went to prison when i was 19 years old and was released at the age of 25, released with a life long title, convict! I understood the magnitude of that when i first received my sentence. I knew a majority of the "civilized" world would at 1 point in time look down their noses at me. Rather it be jobs, not just any jobs, i can land a decent paying job but the convenient ones like uber, lyft, amazon, door dash, im banned from. I can continue to spend my money with those companies though. Because of these type of responses i am able to land a $20 something an hour paying job, wont take no for an answer! I push forward, its possible to push forward after any circumstance because its just a phase and phases pass by. Every step forward is a small victory! Its been 5 years since i was released and havent went back once, thats a victory! i had a brief moment when i was homeless and had to find a way to get my own apartment before my parole officer realized it (had my own shit for the past 3 years, thats a victory! Found my life time partner over 2 years ago and it wasnt a easy ride but now i see it was worth fighting through rough times, victory! Had my first child with that life time partner 6 months ago, victory! We both have our own brands and businesses, victory! And i Cant Stop Wont Stop moving forward, felon and all, VICTORY!


  • Tyrrell, it was brave of you to write this. Congratulations on choosing love rather than fear. Love for ourselves is the hardest love to cultivate sometimes, especially when we’ve got so many regrets. THAT’S your big win and every other thing is attracted to that love.

  • Thanks everyone for interacting check back every now and again for replies much love light and peace🤙🏿🤝🏿💪🏿

    CSWS The Hustle
  • Thank you everyone for interacting with me make sure you check back every now and again for replies to comment

    CSWS The Hustle
  • No energy wasted on (nonsense) that don’t get money its in the title 😤
    Smurf da barber
  • Yes bro! 💪🏾💕


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