"I know i got alot but im on the grind tryna get mad rich"

Before i left prison i made a promise to the guys and most importantly myself and that promise was to exhaust all my talents to get rich. What i mean by that is whatever i showed a interest in and was able to develop a inkling of talent in, use it to help me get rich or free, whatever comes first. If you followed my journey then you know i give everything an effort. I rap, i write, i heat press clothes, i work on cars and bikes, i sale things on ebay, i have crypto and stocks, i run a online store (cantstpwontstp.com), and i know its more but my latest interest is this NFT (non fungible token) thing. Not going to dive to deep into it and im going to try and keep it as simple as possible. A NFT is a one of a kind digital asset such as a piece of art, and we all know the different type of things one may call art (what ever it is its all accepted), thats validated for authenticity, meaning you created that piece, exp: screenshot edited using instagram. After that process it is listed on a blockchain like ethereum, polygon, etc etc....Its like your art gets its own social security number and then it can be listed on a network where it may be purchased. Now you guys knoow i like to keep things as short but informative as possible so look out for the next blog, im going to show you guys the exact process i took to make and mint my first nft on the polygon blockchain, where it is being listed on the opensea and rarible platform.
yours truely...cswsthehustle

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