Grinding on the road to financial freedom

" i know i got alot but im on the grind trying to get mad rich" on my journey to financial freedom i entered the NFT community. The NFT community is a platform where artist can be on the same playing field as other more talented, more experienced, higher payed artist. In this blog im going to give you a step by step breakdown on how i made and listed my first NFT on the Opensea platform.

  1. Create Coinbase account 
      2. Fund Coinbase account with Ethereum
              Ethereum is a brand of crypto currency like Bitcoin that can be purchased on the coinbase platform.
      3. Create COINBASE WALLET account
      4.  Open Coinbase Wallet app
              Hit the middle button at the bottom of the page with the 4 dots
     5. Open Opensea account within Coinbase Wallet app
      6. Hit create button 
             Be prepared to link your Coinbase Wallet account with Opensea, they will provide the necessary steps to take to do so.
      7. Continue on to uploading your art
           Fill in the necessary blanks: Name, description, external link (to a website)
      8. Change block chain to polygon to avoid gas fees
       9. List and Sell
           Once you have finished the creation portion Opensea will then give you the option to sale, follow the necessary steps and be prepared to verify the transaction.
I hope this helps a ton and simplifies the process for you guys so you can join this journey to financial freedom with me and if there are any questions leave a comment below. Please dont forget to smash them buttons at the bottom of this blog to share and pass along the information to your peers (each one teaches one) 

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