Always late but never really late, timing is impeccable!

Being late has become a close to impossible habit for me to break. I can have hrs, days, maybe even weeks to prepare for something and I am almost 100% sure I will find a way to be late. I think it stems from issues with authority or maybe even long term oppression, is this my own form of rebellion? If I am late, even just a couple minutes it feels like they waited personally for me, you know, like they are on my time a brief victory? Well being late today was most definitely worth it. On my last delivery I decided to sit by a water front to work on my blog and the scene was amazing, it was perfect: wife and son out on the bridge overlooking the water (Delaware Canal State Park) and a clean cut gentlemen approached me asking if I can take some pictures of him next to his cousin statue and what do you know the statue is of the legend herself Hariet Tubman!

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